2016 – 2017 Officers

President:                               Loren Rademacher

1st Vice President:              Robert Hoag

2nd Vice President:            John Weidman

Secretary:                               Kevin Catheron

Treasurer:                               Carol Kuhn

Assistant Treasurer:           Mary Place

Membership Chair:              Dave Emerson

Lion Tamer:                            Mary Place

Tail Twister:                            Jim Baldwin

Program Coordinator:       Gray Stevens

Eyeglass Coordinator:        Carol Kuhn

Member of Board of Directors:

1 year term                    Tred Place

1 year term                    Dave Emerson

2 year term                  Ron Charles

2 year term                 John Weidman


Member List:

Baldwin, Jim
Barber, Clair
Bartle, Brian
Bartle, Jared
Bartle, Neil R.
Behe, Steven
Catheron, Kevin
Charles, Ron
Emerson, David B.
Emerson, Thomas
Hoag, Robert
Knapp, John
Kuhn, Carol
LaCroce, Michael
LeClar, Jerry
Marshman, Robert
Martinson, Debbie
Mayhood, Mike
Paul, Ken
Place, Mary
Place, Tredwell
Rademacher, Loren
Rademacher, Sigi
Seiler, Kenneth
Smith, Larry
Stevens, Gray
Turner, William
Weidman, John
Weidman, Mary

 Membership Information

Membership in the world’s largest service organization is open to service minded individuals in the community. To become a member, you must be sponsored by an Oxford Lions Club member. Please contact any Oxford Lion, write or email for more information.

Mail inquiries to:

 Oxford Lions Club
PO Box 97
Oxford NY 13830