Meeting Minutes 5-13-2014

Oxford Lions meeting May 13, 2014


The regular scheduled Oxford Lions meeting was called to order by King Lion Ken Paul


Guests: Denise Paul, Annabelle Smith, Linda Bartle, Barb Mayhood, Mary El Emerson


Minutes were read and accepted

Treasurer’s report was read and accepted


Congratulations to Annabelle and Lion Howard Smith for their 59 years of married life – wishing them well for the next 59 years.


Old Business:

Highway Clean-Up date is May 18, 2014 – volunteers meet at Blueox at 8am.


Perch Derby – “Official Thank you” to all sponsors should be written and furnished in future by Oxford Lions as we received a rather hefty bill of $211 from the Evening Sun for taking care of this task.


Jim Podraza Memorial Golf Tournament date is May 17, 2014 – It is too late to respond, however, Lions donated $50 for this fundraising event.


New Business:

District Governors Convention in Syracuse, NY – Lion Bill Winans spoke of the convention and invited all Oxford Lions to tour the Syracuse, NY Eye Institute this coming November 15, 2014.  He donated left over wine from the Hospitality Room, and this will be served at the Steere Lake Steak dinner.


Antique Car Show Parking Fund Raiser held by the Norwich Lions is chaperoned by King Lion Mary Kay Flannigan on Saturday and Sunday, May 24 + 25th, 2014.  Norwich Lions asked for assistance in directing traffic for this event.  6-8 volunteers are needed each day, each working a 4 hour shift.  This is a 50/50 fund raiser – list for volunteers is circulating.

An e-mail reminder will be sent out to all Oxford Lions.


New East coast Arms Collectors Associates hosts a gun show on May 31 + June 1, 2014 at the Chenango County Fairgrounds.

Lions Mary Weidman suggested that the Oxford Lions Food trailer be present to provide food and refreshments for visitors.  Lions voted YES to participate.

Lions Loren, Debbie and Carol will be manning the food trailer and serve hotdogs, hamburgers, water and sodas.


Norwich Multiple Class Reunion Event is held on July 5, 2014.  No decision has been made about participating because of multiple event coverage and possible work overload for volunteers.


Lions Steak Dinner at Lake Steere needs further scheduling follow up.  King Lion Ken will follow with Lion Steve Behe.


Lions Zone Dinner at Fred’s is held on May 28, 2014 at 7pm.


Winners: 50/50 = Lion Dee Lambert ~*~*~ Dinner = Lion Carol Kuhn

Both donated back to the Lions


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