Meeting Minutes 5-27-2013

Oxford Lions meeting May 27, 2014


The regular scheduled Oxford Lions meeting was called to order by King Lion Ken Paul


Guests: Denise Paul-Linda Bartle-Barb Mayhood-Mary El Emerson-

Lou Swasnik  (spelling ???)


Minutes and Treasurer’s report were read and accepted


Old Business:

Highway Clean-up  – went well – got done in record time


Car Show parking – at Chenango Fair Grounds – Norwich Lions appreciated our participation at this event – there is a rather large $ bonus for the Oxford Lions coming their way.  Oxford Baseball Booster Club sent 5 helpers.  Lions donated $300 to the younger’s club.  Lions pointed out that the helpers could always be interested in aiding our Oxford Lions club with younger members.


Gun Show at Chenango Fair Grounds on May 31 –June 1, 2014.  Lions Food trailer is the only scheduled food vendor present.  Lions Mary W., Carol Kuhn and Debbie Martinson manned the trailer for the event.


New Business:

Chenango Fair Grounds Events August 5 – August 10, 2014

  1. Tractor-Pull at Infield – Food trailer SHOULD be present at infield + manned
  2. Chili Pepper Café – SHOULD be open, + manned and ready for service
  3. Lions voted to have both food places open for business.
  4. Lion Carol stressed the importance of all Lions pulling together at these fundraising events + that ALL Lions, short of having dire emergencies in their life, should be present for at least 1 work shift. Oxford Lions unfortunately do not have younger back-up Lions who could spring in to take over the often heavy work load.  Lion Carol will chair set-up and scheduling of volunteers working.
  5. Perhaps Norwich Lions would be willing to lend a helping hand.



Received a “Thank you” from Katherine Constantine for Oxford Lions donation of $50 to the Jim Podraza Golf Tournament.


Donation request – received from the Oxford Middle School from the 8th grade Director’s Award and Speech Class.  Lions donated $50.


Lake Steere – Lions officer’s induction party – King Lion Ken is still trying to contact Lion Steve Behe in regards to the availability of the facility.  It was decided that we serve hamburgers + that all participants bring a dish to pass.  As soon as date is set, all Oxford Lions will be notified.  Lions Ken and Loren will furnish liquid refreshments.


Zone meeting date is May 28, 2014 at Fred’s. Cocktails at 6pm + dinner at 7pm.

Guest speakers are present.  Dave Rutkowski, former District Governor,    is also the person to contact in order to send used eye glasses on to Syracuse, NY and then to 3rd world countries for distribution.

Winners:  Yes!  Could not catch names over the thunderous applause, sorry.



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