Oxford Lions meeting February 12, 2013


The regular scheduled Oxford Lions meeting was called to order by King Lions Jared Bartle.


Guests: Mary El, Linda Bartle, Bill Wynen, Stacey Edick, Nick Ohl, Justin Chesebro


Treasurer’s report was read and accepted

Minutes were read and accepted


Old Business:

Correspondence received –


Thank you was received from “Friends of Rogers” for our donation.


Scholarship request was received from student Molly Rice – Lions donated $1,000 payable in two payments of $500 each.  Second payment is to be made after May 2013 when semester is completed.  Molly presented excellent grades in order to be eligible for the grant.


Perch Derby Update – Ice thickness will be measured again on Monday.  At that time it will be determined if the Perch Derby is to be held or not.  If the Derby is cancelled the Oxford Lions still need to pay out the $1,000 first prize, if though community donation amounts are lower this year than in previous years.  Volunteers are assigned to their post if the derby is taking place in Feb. 2013.

Different fishing event ideas were discussed, such as a Summer Perch Derby or a carp-shoot as they are held in other counties on a regular basis.  This needs further discussion.


Boname Park – the project of refurbishing the Boname is set aside until Spring 2013. A donation had been received for replacing the badly worn Park sign – however, the Village Government advised to hold off on replacing the sign at present.


Norwich Lion Pancake breakfast – promoted by Lion Bill Wynen is taking place on February 17 and Oxford Lions have voluntered to help in the kitchen.  List of volunteers working has been sent out.


Oxford Lions Website set up is almost complete – hosting of the website will be paid out of the Administrative Account.


Potential Future Master Oxford Lions List – recommended by Lion David is being together and circulated at each meeting in order to compare information.


Lions members Transfers from one club to another – this is done by request of individuals who wish to join any given Lions club.  These members need to request a transfer, however, with the understanding that any outside members joining the Oxford Lions Club will only support the Village of Oxford and not other communities or counties.


Wild Wheel Weekend in Mount Upton is under discussion.  At present Oxford Lions have not voted for participating at the Tractor-Pull-Event 2013.


District Syracuse Basket Ball Game – is held on March 6, 2013 and it was requested of Oxford Lions to sell tickets for that event.


Lion John Knapp invitited the Oxford Lions to the Music performance of “Stray Birds” a NY group to “6 on the Square” in Oxford.  The group will appear on Friday, February 15, 2013.


Winners:  50/50 = Justine Chesebro ~*~*~*~ dinner = Lion David Emerson

Both donated back to the Lions


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