Meeting Minutes 12/11/2012

Oxford Lions meeting, Dec. 11, 2012


The regular scheduled Oxford Lions meeting was called to order by King Lion Jared


Guests tonight: William Winans and his wife Kathy from the Norwich Lions, Denise Paul, Mary El, Linda Bartle

Guest performers: Oxford High school chorus led by Mike Morin entertained us tonight with a medley of Christmas songs


Minutes were read by the secretary and accepted

Treasurer’s report was given and accepted


Old Business:

Holiday Raffle drawing – date is set for Dec. 21, 2012.  The prize is a live Christmas tree decorated with Lotto tickets


Perch Derby update – Necessary insurance paperwork and permits are taken care of – Jen Bartle is taking care of the Media announcements – Lion Mike’s menu will stay the same as last year’s – Lion Jim Baldwin is again the music man – Lion Gray will follow up with additional updates of sponsors –


Jim Podraza Memorial Christmas Dinner a total of 250 pounds of turkey need to be roasted – Lion John is handing out 6 turkeys tonight, rest of turkeys will be delivered to the chosen cooks.  Food prep for Christmas dinner is FRI Dec. 21 at the Soup kitchen at 6pm – volunteers are needed – music for entertainment is needed – drivers for take-out meals need to report on Sat. around 10am – Dinner will be served in the dining room from 11am – 1pm –


Website update – will be provided soon by Lion Carol and Lion Ron –




New Business:

Donation request was received from Camp Badger.  Lions chose to donate same as in the past.  Correct amount needs to be obtained from the records.


Lion William Winans suggested a joint fund raising event of the Oxford-Norwich-Sherburne Lions in order to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  A joint meeting of all three clubs will be held on January 8, 2013 at Park Place in Norwich.  This event should/could be a breakfast serving event – suggested sites for this event could be VFW or the Legions.

Oxford Lions suggested that this event to be held after the Perch Derby is over as more time and manpower is available.  Proceeds from this fundraiser would all go to Lions International and from there to Sandy’s victims.


Winners: 50/50 = Lion Jared Bartle + dinner = Lion Mike Mayhood

Both donated back to Lions


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