Oxford Lions minutes February 28, 2012

The regular scheduled Lions meeting was called to order by King Lion Michael LaCroce


Tonight’s guests: ME, LB, JC and Larry Paser


Minutes were read by the secretary and accepted

Treasurer’s report was read by the treasurer and accepted


Guest speaker Larry Paser told us about the charter beginning of the Oxford Lions Club in 1967.

Larry also made us aware that many Lions Clubs need to “toot their horn”, as he put it, by making the public aware of what Lions are all about and what services they provide in the community.

He suggested that Lions wear the bright yellow Lions attire and pins at events, to hand out calling-card-size info cards telling what Lions do, and very important – send your event sponsors Thank-you-letters hand signed by King Lion to let the sponsors know how much they are appreciated by all Lions.


Old Business:

Correspondence received –

  1. Donation request from the After-Prom-Party-Committee and Lions approved $75 donation.
  2. Donation request from PON = Promote-Oxford-Now for basic membership of $45 and this was approved.
  3. Raffle tickets from the NY State Bermuda Lions Fund at $5 per ticket – drawing takes place April 15, 2012- proceeds go into the fund.
  4. Thank you from the Year-Book-Club for our donation of $50.
  5. Zone meeting at Fred’s on 2-29-2012.  Lions donated $250  promoting the Sheriff’s Camp.


Perch Derby 2012 – 397 Fisherfolks attended the event.  It was reported that it was a good turnout as the ice was thick enough, and no cars ended up in the water.

Our own Lions Mary and Tred Place, Brian Bartle, Blue Ox Lions, Weidmans Farms, and Mike Mayhood, donated toward prizes and advertising for the event.

Lion Debbie gave us a financial breakdown, and it was suggested that we purchase an insurance policy to insure a future $5,000 first prize.  Lions pay for the insurance premium, insurance company covers the prize.


“No-go” for a Perch-Derby-Trailer as no suitable vehicle has been found so far within reasonable driving distance.



New Business:

Big Rig-Event for 2012 is taken off the calendar


Food Booth Committee was asking for volunteers – Lions Mike LaCroce, Mike Mayhood, Debbie Martinson, Loren Rademacher, Carol Kuhn volunteered, John Weidman accepted as a floater depending on his availability.


Wine-Tasting-Festival – June 30-2012 and participation at the Color-Scape are events we might participate in.


Oxford Lions Pot-Luck-Social at the Elk’s Club on April 21-2012 is planned – a cash bar is located at the premises.  More information will become available before that date.



50/50 = Debbie Martinson

Dinner = Tred Place

Both donating back to Lions


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