Lions minutes 2011-12-13

The regular scheduled Oxford Lions meeting was called to order by King Lion Michael LaCroce


Guests tonight: as per request, the 3 Unmentionables– JC-ME-LB, Kevin Catheron


Minutes were read by the secretary and accepted with one correction. 200 pounds of turkey meat were donated by the Mary and Tred Place farm as well as the John Weidman farm.  Correction will be implemented immediately .

Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.


Old Business:

Breakfast with Santa – at the Chenango Memorial Hospital was missed by the Oxford Lions this year.  Funds will be kept in the Lions bank account and distributed this coming season.


Jim Podraza Memorial Christmas Dinner – is taking place on Saturday, December 17, 2011 at Oxford Episcopal Church’s Parish House.  It was decided that Lions meet on Friday, Dec. 16th at 6pm to do all the prep work for the event.  Desserts are needed to round out the planned 12 turkey feast.  This will also be the time for an impromptu Lions Christmas get-together.  Volunteers for kitchen duty and delivery service are signed up.


Kissing Ball Raffles were won by Joyce Warden of Guilford, and King Lion Mike LaCroce who donated it to Lion Sigi R.


Membership Committee – consisting of Lions Mike L., Dave E., John W. Debbie M., Jared B. and volunteer Jen Clark are to meet right after tonight’s meeting.


Oxford Middle School Dance – for December 2011 was cancelled.


Perch Derby Event – takes place on Feb. 4, 2012.  All paperwork is being taken care of.  This includes guidelines and policies as not to disturb the eager fishermen while out on the ice.  Local Law Enforcement will curb unnecessary 4-wheeler traffic on the ice.  Lions volunteered to sell tickets at Mayhoods store with more or less success.

King Lion Mike is presently holding the key to the Lions Food Booth in order to check out the premises.



New Business:

Correspondence received

a)      Thank you from the District Governor – for our donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

b)      Thank you from the Oxford – Library for our donation.

c)      Bill from Lions International – received a bill for $700 dollars – we need follow up.

d)      Campaign Sight First – bill was received – stating that we owe a total of $1,250.  Oxford Lions are under the impression that we made a one-time donation and not an ongoing annual pledge.  Need to follow up by requesting a copy of the pledge.


Christmas Basket Program – at present there are 3 families who are receiving Christmas baskets.  $200 are still available to give out, however, since there is a possibility for a 4th family Christmas Basket application, these funds will be dispersed at the discrepancy of the Treasurer.


Future Lions Website – King Lion Mike is presently working on purchasing a program and setting up our own website in order for us to add, edit and implement changes for our Oxford Lions Volunteer organization as needed.


Gifts for future Guest Speakers – were ordered and presented to the Oxford Lions


Local Bermuda Lions Raffle ticket sale is presently ongoing.  3 tickets were received at a price of $100 apiece.

First prize is $20,000….



Winners: 50/50 = Lion Sigi R.  ***   Dinner = Ken Paul – donating it back to the Lions


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