Oxford Lion Club meeting November 8, 2011


The regular scheduled Lions meeting was called to order by King Lion Michael LaCroce


Guest: Michelle Miles, Rachel Miles, Steve Craig, Jen Clark, Linda Bartle, Denise Paul, Mary El Emerson


Minutes were read by the secretary and accepted

Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted


Old Business:

Correspondence received from Anna Stark requesting information about the Christmas basket program.

At present the Oxford Lions still donate $1,000 for presents for 10 Oxford children.  This amount was voted on and approved again for this Christmas Season.


Pledge to Sight First in the amount of $1,250.  This will be followed up by Lion Debbie as it is our understanding that the Oxford Lions made a one-time donation of $650 and not an ongoing pledge.



Halloween Party – went well.  King Lion Mike suggested a vehicle playing music following the parade in future.


Holiday Christmas Raffle ticket sale of 200 is under way again, and more tickets will be sold at the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on November 27, 2011.  Volunteers are needed to help decorate the park on Friday after Thanksgiving at 9:30am.  A donation to the Fund of Tree lighting Committee is also under discussion.


Perch Derby committee – Lion John Weidman is prevented by the Ethics Committee to chair the Perch Derby, therefore, 6 committee members will host the event.  They are Lion Jared, King Lion Mike LaCroce, Lion Mike Mayhood, Lion Debbie Martinson, Lion Gray Stevens and Lion John Weidman.

Lion Ron Charles will provide applications for the Perch Derby event.  Volunteers are needed to help out.


Membership Committee will meet tonight, right after the regular Lions meeting. Lion David “Emerson, future Lion Kevin, Lion Jared Bartle, Lion Mike LaCroce, Lion John Weidman.


Middle School Dance – is taking place on THU, Nov. 10, 2011.  Volunteers and refreshments are needed.


Jin Podraza Memorial Christmas Dinner for the community is scheduled for December 17, 2011.  Lions need to check out the best prices for the turkeys we need for that event.  Volunteers need to sign up.  More discussion about this will take place at the next meeting.


~ ~ ~


New Business:

Guest speaker was Steve Craig from the Chenango Chambers, and he told us about his experience with the Chamber and how it led him here from his previous Radio career in Binghamton.


District Governor Joe DeFina will be attending our next meeting on November 22, 2011.



50/50 = Lion Mike LaCroce – donating back to Lions

Dinner = Rachel Miles

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